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Cost reduction compared to in-house VR app development.


High-caliber 3D model designers with seasoned expertise.


Users are fully satisfied with the finished VR product.

3D Architectural Concept with WTSVerse!

Your architectural design’s future is secure with WTSverse! We understand traditional blueprints and craft 3D architectural walkthroughs that allow you to walk through tomorrow’s buildings, today. Unlike static images, our walkthroughs specify interactive experience. You can explore every corner of your design and your customers can make informed decisions.

According to Easy Render, the architectural visualization demand will increase to $5.72 Billion by 2025. You can create awe-inspiring visuals and immersive experiences for your customers where they can see realistic and captivating representations of your dream space. It’s more than visualization – it is a collaborative journey where you can refine your design as per customer feedback. Join us and experience the phenomenal power of architectural walkthroughs.

Digital Twin Service 2

Quadruple your Conversions with 3D Architectural Walkthrough Services

3D Interior Rendering​

3D Interior Rendering

Go beyond flat plans with our meticulous 3D rendering for your interior designs. Highlighting every lighting nuance and texture, your customers can experience their space in intricate details before real development.

3D Exterior Rendering​

3D Exterior Rendering

Visualizations are the selling points of businesses, and 3D rendering of exterior spaces can help with visualization like no other method! Our 3D renderings bring your 3D vision to life and showcase every detail from landscape to materials being used. 

3D Animated Walkthrough Videos​

3D Animated Walkthrough Videos

Take your design presentation to the next level. Our dynamic and informative 3D animated walkthrough videos guide you seamlessly through the intricate details of your project. You can make the customer’s journey as interesting as the destination. 

Virtual Reality Renderings​

Virtual Reality Renderings

Step inside your design! Our immersive VR renderings allow you to experience a space as if you’re truly there. This boosts client engagement and understanding in a way that static images can’t. 

Industrial VR Services​

Industrial VR Services

Our industrial 3D architecture animation goes beyond aesthetics. We create detailed, data-rich models that optimize workflows. By identifying potential issues early on, we can ensure a smooth transition from concept to construction. This service is ideal for all industries like factories, warehouses, and other industrial spaces. 

Proof of Work

We believe in the saying “Work always speaks volumes” and we have consistently proved it by accomplishing various projects. Check them out here.


An Architectural Walkthrough in the Metaverse is a virtual tour or simulation of architectural designs and spaces within the interconnected digital realm known as the metaverse. It allows users to explore and experience architectural projects in a realistic and immersive manner.

Architectural Walkthroughs in the Metaverse are typically created using 3D modelling and virtual reality technologies. Users can navigate through digital representations of buildings, interiors, and landscapes, providing a comprehensive and interactive understanding of the architectural design.

Architectural Walkthroughs offer architects, clients, and stakeholders a compelling visualization of designs, enabling them to experience the spatial layout, aesthetics, and functionality of the project before physical construction, facilitating better decision-making and feedback.

Yes, in many cases, users can interact with objects and elements during the walkthrough. They can open doors, manipulate furniture, change materials, and even observe the impact of lighting on architectural design, providing a more engaging experience.

Architectural Walkthroughs streamline the design process, facilitate client presentations, help identify potential design issues, improve collaboration among project stakeholders, and reduce the need for physical prototypes, ultimately saving time and costs.

Yes, Architectural Walkthroughs can be accessed on various devices, including VR headsets, desktop computers, tablets, and even smartphones. This accessibility allows clients and team members to experience the walkthrough regardless of their location or hardware.

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